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Sonic the Hedgehog is the title character and protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series released by Sega, as well as numerous spin-off comics, animations, and other media. Sonic is a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog who can run at supersonic speeds and curl into a ball, primarily to attack enemies. In most games, Sonic must race through levels, collecting power-up rings and avoiding obstacles and enemies.

Sonic is one of the world’s best-known video game characters and a gaming icon. His series had sold more than 80 million copies by the early 2010s. In 2005, Sonic was one of the first game character inductees into the Walk of Game alongside Mario and Link.

You and that person have an interest in anime, especially the most awaited movie of recent years: “Sonic The Hedgehog”. You are wondering what gift to choose for that person. Here are some suggestions for meaningful action figures that can be a gift for friends of Sonic the hedgehoge’s fans:

1.Best Seller Sonic the Hedgehog Action Figure Toys

Sonic the Hedgehog in products like comics, cartoons, and books. The first game called Sonic The Hedgehog for the Sega Genesis system was released on June 23, 1991. Since then Sonic has become a symbol of Sega, as well as a rival to Nintendo’s Mario character.

It can be said that Sonic is like a wind, has a strong, adventurous, comfortable and caring attitude. Impatient and often head into trouble without thinking, because his confidence never wavered, even when faced with the most terrible trouble. He likes rock music. In some movies (like Underground and Sonic X), Sonic is afraid of water, mainly because he can’t swim. Nonetheless, Sonic bravely dives into the water in undersea adventures or the rescue of his friends. In Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, Sonic has to wear a life jacket during the swim competition.

perhaps it’s not too difficult to understand why the product is on the top of the list that we make. It is like a trophy awarded to the winner of each contest and the special point on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of this film we have embossed on the support surface in response. What a meaningful gift, isn’t it?

2.Sonic LED RGB Changing Lamp

This lamp is also selling well on our website. It also looks like a pretty simple trophy. But the most interesting thing about this product is the subtle color changing system we installed, which can brighten up the user’s room.

3. Knuckles The Echidna New 2019 Action Figures

Knuckles is a heroic and powerful echidna who lives on Angel Island, an island in the sky. He is destined to guard Master Emerald at the Altar of the Emeralds, forever. He is Sonic’s rival and also a friend who can be stubborn and serious. His belief in the goodness of others sometimes makes him gullible. Knuckles is honest, loyal to his duty, independent, and headstrong. Despite being a silent loner, and the fact he prefers that too, he is also kindhearted. Due to his nature, he very often chooses force to be the solution to his problems.

If your friend likes Knuckles The Echidna, this gift could be very meaningful to them. It was like a statue made of vivid PVC. We always pay attention to every detail to create the most vivid product possible. The medium size of about 17cm, weighing about 170g very flexible to move and can easily change position.

4. Miles ``Tails`` Prower Action Figures

Tail is a talented young fox who can fly by spinning his two tails like helicopter rotors. He resides in the Mystic Ruins. A gentle soul bullied in his past for having a little more than others do, Tails became more confident about himself after meeting Sonic. Tails are very intelligent, yet very humble, and always willing to help out when he can. Tails can do just about anything if he just thinks about it and sums up all the answers correctly. He is always very supportive of his friends and he looks up to Sonic. Tails have been with Sonic ever since.

Has anyone been impressed by Miles’ agility, “Tails” Prower? If that person likes this character, please buy now to give them

5. Silver The Hedgehog Block Figures

Silver is a hedgehog who has come from the future to change a ruined planet in his timeline. Although he was raised in such a world, he is an optimist and he is full of a strong sense of justice that motivates him to head to the past to correct the future. His psychokinetic abilities enable him to move things around by using just the power of his mind, a power considered second nature in his time. He also believes in standing up for those who cannot for themselves. Yet he is somewhat young and immature at times.

It’s the same type of statue, but we have changed the design and inspired by the familiar blocks to create the character “Silver The Hedgehog”. Tiny size, light but very cute to create Attraction for this product.

6. Metal Sonic Building Blocks

Metal Sonic (メタルソニック, Metaru Sonikku) is the secondary antagonist in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is an evil Badnik version of Sonic the Hedgehog and undoubtedly Dr. Eggman’s deadliest creation, built for the sole purpose of destroying Sonic.

The change in the character’s outfit has created a new and unique charm.Silver is like a strong soldier.A good product so, do not miss it.

7.6pcs/set New 2019 Sonic The Hedgehog PVC Figure

If you feel that one item is not enough, consider this one of ours, which is a collection of 6 randomly selected character statues. You have lots of choices to get your favorite character collection. So Interesting, isn’t it?

8. FUNKO POP 284 Sonic With Emerald Figure Toy

If your loved one likes small, lovely souvenirs, this gift can please them. “Emerald” is created in a chibi groin shape with a bit of oil larger than the body. Easy to carry, easy to wrap, he has mascots for his strength in his hands. The material is made of high quality PVC, non-toxic to health.

9.FUNKO POP 287 Super Sonic Figure Toy

Ray is a flying squirrel with a rather quirky personality. A long time ago, he was captured by Doctor Eggman and was imprisoned at his base. He was very frightened, but Sonic came to rescue him and his new friend Mighty. He later developed a close friendship with Mighty. Mighty and Ray consider each other brothers and treat each other as such. Ray is slightly more fearful than Mighty, yet extraordinarily interested in superheroes. Ray was recently invited to a new adventure by Mighty.

Also included in the collection inspired by cute chibi images, the next character to be introduced is “Ray the Flying Squirrel”. If the owner of this gift loves this character. Consider and let it please them.

10.FUNKO POP 283 Sonic With Ring Figure Toy

And certainly we can not lack the main character “Sonic The Hedgehog” in this collection. Although the same character, we have changed the character design.The product is designed quite small, lovely, and this character does not stand on the pedestal as in the first product. Very lively like a real “Sonic The Hedgehog” is present to protect the owner. This is a very meaningful gift, right?

11.Sonic The Hedgehog PVC Figures

One more good suggestion for this character “Sonic The Hedgehog” this time he was designed with the right image of his active, supple daily. Lightning-fast design – his most powerful weapon has been released, the statue is made of very high quality without a doubt, in addition to the characteristic running stance that makes this product also attract a lot of buyers.

12.2019 Super Sonic Building Blocks

Super Sonic (スーパーソニック Sūpā Sonikku) is a transformation that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is the Super State of Sonic the Hedgehog, achieved by harnessing the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds.Since its debut, this form has been Sonic’s most commonly used transformation.

Originally, Super Sonic was merely a power-up that Sonic would occasionally use. However, after using it to foil Dr. Eggman during the climax of the Angel Island incident, Super Sonic would become Sonic’s greatest trump card against his adversaries, providing him with the power and abilities to save the world on numerous occasions.

Which Super Sonic’s fans will this meaningful and lovely gift belong to? Do not lose this chance

13. 6pcs/set New 2019 Sonic The Hedgehog PVC Figure

At first glance, this statue set is quite similar to the previous product we have introduced, but you can see that these products have foot pedestals to create solemnity for the products.

The above are a few suggestions for you as gifts for friends. You can also see more products in our booth and hope that our article is useful for you.

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