5 Things That Sega Wants Players To Forget About Remembering Sonic

Sonic has really become a monument in the game village about the attraction and popularity that this super-speed green hedgehog has achieved in over a decade of success. But it seems, Sega was unable to find the right direction to keep Sonic on top of the glory …

This super-fast blue hedgehog was introduced by Sega Genesis in 1991 and had a great start, and quickly turned into a typical mascot of the gaming industry. Along with that, Sonic was a successful franchise character and became a giant taking on all Sega financial matters.

Sonic has really become a craze when constantly exploiting the titles that exploit the theme of this super-fast hedgehog was released in the 90s of the last century. However, since moving to 3D games about 10 years ago, every Sonic game failed miserably contrary to the expectations of Sega and its fans.

Unlike the past mistakes, Nintendo had made with Mario when most of the confusing decisions led to Sega’s failure when trying to correct the reputation of their mascot, Sonic’s super-fast green hedgehog. come in the present time. Below, we will list the 5 omens that Sega wants you to forget about the Sonic hedgehog.

5. “Sonic SatAM” television program never existed:

In all TV shows based on Sonic, “Sonic SatAM” deserves to be on the list of the worst and most boring content. This is one of the first steps that Sega brought Sonic to the media in order to spread the image of this blue hedgehog to a wider public, but unfortunately, it failed completely after several times to air.

5 Things That Sega Wants Players To Forget About Remembering Sonic

The main content of “Sonic SatAM” revolves around the story of Sonic and his friends forming a group called free fighters to stop the name of the robot Robotnik taking over the planet Mobius … Compared to everything, “Sonic SatAM” cannot match the TV show. “Sonic Hedgehog’s adventure (broadcast at the same time).” Not only that, the author group of “Sonic SatAM” decided to include too many characters who were not present in the game leading to the content of the program extremely confusing for children and fans. of the original game ?!

4. Sonic is heavily influenced by Mario:

Sonic was created as an indispensable need because Sega thought that their key character, Alex Kidd, was too outdated and unable to compete with the emerging mascot in the gaming market, it was none other than maybe the plumber with Nintendo’s long mustache.

After holding a competition between the designer and the main creator, they originally identified their main character as a hedgehog called Mr. Needlemouse, then changed its name to Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic Hedgehog). The problem is, Sonic has so many things like his main rival, Mario, which he had before. Needlemouse doesn’t exist.

5 Things That Sega Wants Players To Forget About Remembering Sonic

If you pay attention to the design style of Sonic and Mario will recognize the color scheme used to match the two characters is relatively similar, it is to use blue as the main color and red to add color to create. Highlights, along with a few places highlighted in yellow (Mario’s buttons and Sonic’s shoes). Sonic’s most outstanding feature is the amazing speed borrowed by Sega firm Yuji Naka from what he experienced in the first Mario game …

3. The story revolves around Princess Elise and the controversial affection between humans and animals:

The overall review of the gameplay, mechanics, and design of Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) is quite “rough”, and of course the appearance of a brand new character in Sonic’06 is equally uncomfortable. player. The story of the game revolves around the third princess named Elise, the remaining member of the Royal family that ruled the land of Soleanna. Elise is being held by villains in an unknown place (Iblis / Flames / Disaster) … But it is worth mentioning here, making Elise a controversial topic for many fans. When she had a special affection for Sonic and kissed him in the game, it was a difficult affection between humans and animals.

5 Things That Sega Wants Players To Forget About Remembering Sonic

Sonic porcupine was born with strong points as well as its excellent speed. Sega could vigorously move into that point in his design of Sonic games, not necessarily adding to the overly complicated and complicated details that lost the innocent, fun nature. have. The appearance of Princess Elise makes the game more confusing, Sonic’s image in particular and Sega, in general, are greatly deteriorated in the eyes of fans … and of course, we don’t see what Sega mentioned. to Princess Elise since the time of that vehement protest.

2. “Dark Period” of Sonic porcupine:

Sonic’06’s heavy defeat and bitter controversy about Princess Elise did not awaken Sega and tried to correct the mistakes he had made. The next game released after Sonic’06 is still made very sloppy, poorly designed and the number of game discs sold is only because of advertising, not its actual quality.

5 Things That Sega Wants Players To Forget About Remembering Sonic

Then successively other titles followed the Sonic’06 platform on … fail! Although Sega has made some remarkable adjustments in games like Sonic the Hedgehog 4, Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations … but players are not easily able to ignore prejudice that is sloppy, irresponsible and disrespect of love and admiration for the numerous Sonic hedgehogs of all ages. Sonic Team has made itself a “jerk” that makes even the most loyal fans even bored … Perhaps, if Sega wants to continue a new golden age with Sonic, what should they do? let people forget the “dark age” that has been in the company’s history.

1. Sonic seems to be no longer suitable:

The biggest obstacle affects Sonic’s success in the era of the modern game industry because this blue-speed hedgehog is too simple to compete with multi-character, multi-skill characters. , … at this time. Consecutive blunders, ostentatious trophies, and no charisma, carelessly unfinished products make players less interested, while 3D platform games can’t “do eat as well as the previous men … Sonic’s position in the game village is shaken violently.

5 Things That Sega Wants Players To Forget About Remembering Sonic

Chances are, the success cycle of Sonic and Sega is about to end in the near future. A legendary mascot, an adorable and attractive character, will gradually sink into oblivion as the game industry’s competitiveness grows and Sega is short of breath in battle. this.

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